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Sometimes it is difficult to find the "perfect present". One of the time tested ways of buying a present is to have it match the reason why you are buying the present. Here are some gift suggestions (with tips, books and poems) based on occasion:

When is the Best Time To Give Jewelry?

We love any excuse to give gifts and receive gifts. While there are those common ideas for gifts, one thing that people never tire of giving and receiving is jewelry. This is because jewelry lasts for years and years, so people always appreciate what they are given. The boundaries of when to give jewelry have been blurred, and this is a good thing.

Someone's birthday could be a good time to give jewelry. This occasion is a perfect opportunity to show the birthday celebrant that his or her presence in the world makes life a whole lot different for you. You could wish someone long life and happiness through a piece of jewelry that's supposed to bring good luck; a charm bracelet with good luck charms would be a good idea. Perhaps a wish necklace would be a great birthday gift. These necklaces are pretty amusing; the wearer is supposed to make a wish when he or she wears the necklace, and when the necklace.s string wears off, the wish is supposed to come true.

If you want to give something more traditional, probably the most famous birthday jewelry to give is jewelry with birthstones. There is a corresponding birthstone for each month, and you could choose one that is assigned to the receiver's birthday month. There are also corresponding meanings to each birthstone. If you are looking for an alternative, there jewelry pieces with zodiac gem stones.

Also in the list of when to give jewelry is religious holidays like Christmas. This time is really special for Christians, and they commemorate the occasion by exchanging gifts. Jewelry is a good idea for a gift; some people give out cross necklaces during this time of the year. This is to remind the receiver of the real meaning of the occasion. Other people give out festive jewelry like earrings in shapes of a snowman or Santa Claus. This is especially popular among children, because they associate these symbols with their favorite holiday.

Of course, jewelry is also given to mark special milestones, like an engagement or wedding. Proposing to a woman is probably one of the scariest and nerve-wracking things a man could ever do; he spends a lot of time practicing his spiel and choosing the right diamond ring for the woman. If all things go well, all the effort and pressures pay off in the end. Jewelry is also given during the wedding; the couple exchanges bands to signify eternal love.

If you are still thinking about when to give jewelry, anniversaries are also a perfect time to give jewelry. You could remind your better half that you do appreciate all the years you spent together, and jewelry is a lasting gift.

However, people do not really need a special occasion to give jewelry. After all, people enjoy receiving gifts out of the blue; imagine someone's reaction when you surprise him or her with jewelry. There are a lot of jewelry pieces that are perfect for wearing everyday. Perhaps these are the best ones to give when giving jewelry for no special reason.

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